Darío Urzay. New York 1990 [3 de octubre – 9 de noviembre]



The Michel Mejuto Gallery in Bilbao presents from October 3 to November 9 an exhibition by Darío Urzay: 21 works on paper and canvas, which he made in the first months of his stay in New York City in the early 1990s. They reflect the impact that the aesthetics and urban environment of the city at that time meant for the artist.


This exhibition also means the return of Darío Urzay to a gallery in Bilbao after two decades of absence.


The exhibition means the incorporation of the generation of the 80s to the exhibition proposal of the Michel Mejuto Gallery. “Our vocation is to review in the light of current knowledge the Basque historical art of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and this generation has a fundamental role in the evolution of Basque art in the second half of the XXth century and its influence extends to the young artists of today ”.