De Zuloaga a Oteiza. Obras destacadas de la modernidad en el País Vasco

The exhibition shows fourteen works of sculpture and painting from private collections. It covers a temporary parenthesis of sixty years through twelve artists whose common link is the strong commitment they had with the modernity of their time.

Two emblematic works of Ignacio Zuloaga (Student of Paris, 1933) and Juan de Echevarría (Still Life, 1912-193), both made in Paris open the exhibition. It is also worth mentioning two gardens painted in Málaga by Francisco Iturrino between 1913 and 1919 and an exquisite vase by Fernando de Amárica.

Representing the prewar Vanguard, both a view of Motrico of cubist geometry by Jenaro Urrutia and a surrealist oil painting by the artist Nicolás de Lekuona stand out.

The sculptors Jorge Oteiza and Vicente Larrea are represented by three unique works, two bronzes and a plaster. Finally it is worth mentioning an extraordinary oil painting by Ruiz Balerdi from the year 1971 titled Red, blue and green forms.

Many of the exhibited works have been part of the anthological exhibitions of the artists held in Museums, and a large part of them are exhibited in a gallery for the first time.