Equipo 57 [7 Febrero – 29 Marzo]

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The Michel Mejuto Gallery in Bilbao presents from the 7th February to the 29th of March an exhibition dedicated to Equipo 57, the pioneering artistic grouping of geometric art, which had a great international impact.

The group was established in 1957. It was born as a common place of artistic creation and experimentation, in which a large number of artists collaborated. Of all of them -for their continuity and their involvement in the project- the artists Agustín Ibarrola, Ángel Duarte, Pepe Duarte, Juan Serrano and Juan Cuenca have remained as fundamental members.

The exhibition that presents the Michel Mejuto Gallery is composed of 23 works, including gouache, oil paintings and sculptures, which constitute a complete journey of the artistic career of Equipo 57.


About Equipo 57

Equipo 57 has its origin as a reaction to abstract expressionism, very much in vogue at the time. They are born precisely the same year that the group El Paso was founded in Madrid, but unlike the latter, the works are not individually painted by each of its components. On the contrary, they are designed together and do not carry an individual signature, the artist disappearing in pursuit of a common goal capable of generating a work of art devoid of any element of personal or emotional expression.

The intention of Equipo 57 is to carry out a work of artistic integration and geometric synthesis to create an absolutely rational work of art. This conceptual and aesthetic line derives from the geometric movements of the early twentieth century: Russian Constructivism and Suprematism and the Neoplasticism of Mondrian and Van Doesburg.