Nicolás de Lekuona

From January 15 to February 9, 2008

Since its rediscovery, at the end of the decade from the 70 of the past century, Nicolas de Lekuona -Ordizia, 1913 / Fruniz, 1937- enjoyed a singular expositive fortune: Museums as the Fine Arts of Bilbao, the San Telmo of San Sebastián, the Joan Miró Foundation, the IVAM of Valencia, the Artium of Vitoria and the Queen Sofía in Madrid, they decided to plan successive expositions that, accompanied by notable acquisitions, they have managed to diffuse their most brilliant work of the museum circuit dedicated to the contemporary and modern art.
This brilliant panorama didn't had nevertheless, its correspondence in the market of art, in which the presence of works of Lekuona has been up to now very weak, consequence of an early disappearance that impeded the diffusion of its work among the private collecting.